BI Analyst

They say – what gets measured, gets managed. Join our Business Intelligence team and turn data into information, and information into insight!


Apply until: 21.12.2018

Your responsibilities

  • In cooperation with stakeholders to analyze and identify BI needs
  • Compile and systemize the identified BI needs
  • To maintain and continuously improve the BI system QlikView, while developing and maintaining various BI tools (tables, graphs, etc.) which allow to promptly and effectively analyze commercial data in accordance with the business needs
  • In cooperation with IT department to ensure the actual data is in included and used in the BI systems and the data is correctly interpreted /counted;
  • To screen and ensure that the BI system developed analysis is based on full and correct data
  • To promptly react and adjust to all changes in the business model and other factors affecting the business
  • To assist and coordinate new and existing BI projects
  • To maintain and build existing and potential external/internal partner relationships

What we are looking for

  • SQL (Oracle, Postgre SQL, MySQL) knowledge
  • Previous experience solving advanced SQL matters, experience creating complex queries
  • Ability to analyze, adjust and optimize extensive data, which is further used in business analysis reports
  • Get things done attitude
  • Good communication skills
  • Willingness to go the extra mile

Why #lifeatTWINO

Growing in TWINO

  • Benefit icon

    Career growth opportunities

    We believe in the potential in people not years behind the desk. The ones who show initiative, ambition and creativity are rewarded with higher responsibility and growth.

  • Benefit icon

    International team

    Every day we work with people from Europe and Asia in six locations. You get the taste of the local culture, learn from each other and face the challenges that international cooperation brings.

  • Benefit icon

    Development of your choice

    We give a lot of freedom when it comes to your development. Yearly 70% form your monthly net salary goes to your individual personal development opportunities that you choose yourself.

  • Benefit icon

    Inspiring guests at our office

    On regular basis we welcome guests for on educational afternoon. We are proud to have welcomed people from IB/VI Ventures, Angry Birds and many more inspirational guest.

  • Benefit icon

    Conference attendance

    We push our people fuel themselves with inspiration and motivation in local and global conferences. So for the favorites are TechChill, Slush Latitude59 and Devternity.

  • Benefit icon

    2 week paid educational leave

    We believe in education. If you study bachelors or masters degree and need some time off for exams or thesis, we offer up to two weeks paid educational leave.

Employee well-being

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    Above market-level salary

    We believe top talents must be rewarded accordingly. We provide competitive above market-level compensation as well as regular salary review for all TWINO people to ensure competitive compensation.

  • Benefit icon

    Health insurance

    A no-brainer is health and dental insurance for all TWINO people, of course!

  • Benefit icon

    Health days

    We care for each other and our health so if you feel it would be best to stay, no need for a sick leave for 1-2 days. Get better and return with new energy - we trust that the job will be done

  • Benefit icon

    Healthy lifestyle

    We strive for healthy lifestyle. At least one month of the year for us Health Month, we run marathons, we have our own running, walking, swimming and many more challenges. And of course - we eat healthy.

  • Benefit icon

    Daily fruits and snacks

    Every day you get extra vitamin dose — in winter it is mostly tangerines, and in summer strawberries and cherries. And if your morning coffee needs something extra – Kārums will be just in place .

  • Benefit icon

    Gratitude Practice

    We make sure our people feel valued and our feedback culture is strong. Any time you can ask or give a quick feedback, even on the go. And all the special days are of course uniquely celebrated.

Work-life balance

  • Benefit icon

    Additional holiday

    Work life balance is a must for each and every one. Is it 1st September, graduation, your own birthday or anything else – you get 1 extra vacation day a year for special celebrations

  • Benefit icon

    Kids Day & gifts for kids

    We love to surprise the youngest members of TWINO family – Christmas gifts as well as Kids Day in our office to let the kids know where their parents disappear every day

  • Benefit icon

    Flexible Working

    Whether you like to sleep in or start your day early – all is possible. There is a place for both the early bird and an evening owl as everyone plans their own work and time

  • Benefit icon

    Short Summer Fridays

    During Summer we like to get extra efficient during the week and enjoy a shorter Friday as we finish work. Happier people on Fridays mean happier people on Mondays as well!

  • Benefit icon

    Remote Working possibility

    Every now and then there shows up a need to work remotely. While we prefer to work together (let’s face it – that’s more fun), there is option to work from home if necessary

  • Benefit icon

    Christmas week off

    We make it easier for everyone and have the Christmas week off for all in 2018. Higher efficiency before and after the Holidays and happy people – the perfect combination

Start-up environment

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    Lively office

    Foosball, table tennis – you name it! Regular tournaments are inevitable; and when it comes to Hockey or Basketball championships – we like to bet and watch together.

  • Benefit icon

    Regular team-building events

    Some prefer board game evenings, some laser tag or go karts and some prosecco evenings. In either case – we all remember to do more than just work together

  • Benefit icon

    Heavy social agenda

    We go on our yearly boat trip in summer, head to the slopes in winter and have a grand Christmas party! And there is a big chance of finding small surprise during celebrations

  • Benefit icon

    No bureaucracy or hierarchy

    We hate paperwork and all that comes with it. Not only you get a chance to, but we expect you to come up with and realize ideas, find solutions and set the trends, not follow them

  • Benefit icon

    FinTech Industry

    Work in one of the hottest industries in a cutting edge company with a goal of changing future. We are proud to be a big part of the buzzing startup & fintech community

  • Benefit icon

    Young, ambitious talented people

    Working around top talents in the market, creative, with initiative and same ambition. Great sense of humor, joy of life and never ending energy always floating around

Join to Win

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