TWINO has industry-leading know-how and years of experience in digital alternative lending. Since we were established in 2009, we’ve issued loans over 1.4 billion euros across the world - from Russia and Poland, right over to Vietnam and many other countries.


Our ambition is to disrupt the world of finance and to expand our global lending business presence in the Asia-Pacific region as a lender, facilitating financial inclusion and digitalization of finance. Thus, TWINO Group is looking for a COO who will be responsible for the management of the MFI's activities to achieve rapid and responsible growth, ensure significant social impact and long-term sustainability.


By joining the TWINO Group as a

Chief Operating Officer, India

you will work closely with the Country Manager of India and help accelerate the adoption of knowledge into product development strategies whilst creating value for a target audience.


Apply until: 15.11.2021

Your responsibilities

  • Implement the strategic goals of the company through day-to-day management of operations
  • Build an understanding of all the processes required to run the business
  • Oversee the following: Verification, Debt Collection and Call Centre department daily performance
  • Perform supervisory duties and coordinate with the staff in all related areas of the departments
  • Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of company operations and distribution network
  • Business risk identification and mitigation
  • Participate in policy formulation, procedure, and MIS development and training
  • Employee performance evaluation and KPI setting
  • Ensure that the company achieves agreed profitability levels while remaining committed to client protection and social performance
  • Manage relationships with partners/vendors
  • Design and implement operational strategies, plans, and procedures
  • Overall executive management of the company as part of the executive management team


What we are looking for

  • 10+ years of experience working with MFI/NBFC, handling entire lending operations including sales and credit function
  • Detailed understanding of operational and regulatory requirements
  • Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities
  • Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Fluent in English

Why #lifeatTWINO

Growing in TWINO

  • Benefit icon

    Career growth opportunities

    We believe in the potential in people, not in the years behind the desk. The ones who show initiative are rewarded with greater responsibility. Where else do they promote 50% of Group Management internally?

  • Benefit icon

    Learning from the greatest minds

    We encourage the exchange of knowledge between experts in various industries. Once a month, we welcome guests for an inspiring and educational afternoon. World-renowned entrepreneurs, startup founders, world-famous athletes, doctors & many others

  • Benefit icon

    Development of your choice

    We give a lot of freedom when it comes to your personal development. You get access to an individual yearly development budget calculated form your salary that you can spend on the development activities you choose for yourself. Whether it's inspiring conferences or private mentoring sessions - it's all up to you

  • Benefit icon

    Growth Camp

    We empower our people to gain new skills and grow professionally. Our unique training program Growth Camp allows us to expand our horizons through engaging, interactive & targeted learning sessions & workshops on various topics

  • Benefit icon

    Conference attendance

    We push our people fuel themselves with inspiration and motivation in local and global conferences. So far, our favorites are TechChill, Slush, Latitude59, Devternity, Money2020, DevOps Days and TEDxRiga

  • Benefit icon

    2 week paid educational leave

    We believe in education. If you study a bachelor's or a master's degree and need some time off for exams or theses, we offer up to two weeks paid educational leave to help you prepare

Employee well-being

  • Benefit icon

    Competitive salary

    We reward our people with a competitive salary and variable incentive pay linked to the individual and company's performance. To ensure that our pay remains aligned with our desire to remain competitive, we regularly benchmark pay and benefits with other market players

  • Benefit icon

    Well-being package

    Another important part of the TWINO reward system. You get access to a yearly budget which can be applied to health insurance, a gym membership, or for equipment to set up your remote workspace. Make the choice that best fit your personal circumstances and lifestyle

  • Benefit icon

    Health days

    We care for each other and for our health, so if you feel it is best to stay at home, no need to apply for sick leave for the first couple of days. Get better and return with renewed energy - we trust that the job will be done

  • Benefit icon

    Mindfulness practice

    To inspire, guide and support our people to live a healthier and a happier life, we provide all employees with a free subscription to the mindfulness and meditation app Headspace

  • Benefit icon

    Computer screen glasses

    We provide all employees with fashionable, high quality computer glasses which protect against the blue-violet LED light of digital devices. Computer glasses improve well-being, sleep quality and focus ability

  • Benefit icon

    Gratitude practice

    We make sure our people feel valued, which is why we have a strong feedback culture. At any time you can ask or give quick feedback, even on the go. And of course 360° feedback is equally ensured for every employee

Work-life balance

  • Benefit icon

    Additional holiDay

    Work life balance is a must for each and every one. Whether it be 1st of September, graduation, your own birthday or anything else – you get 1 extra paid vacation day a year for special celebrations

  • Benefit icon

    Kids Day & gifts for kids

    We love to surprise the youngest members of the TWINO family – Christmas gifts, tailor-made gaming kits or Kids Day is TWINO's way of cherishing our kids

  • Benefit icon

    Short Summer Fridays

    During the summer we like to be extra efficient during the week to enjoy a shorter Friday as we finish work. Happier people on Fridays means happier people on Mondays as well

  • Benefit icon


    Team-buildings that combine work and leisure once a year for each team. Meet with your team outside your usual work environment, travel while working and experience something new with your colleagues

  • Benefit icon

    Work from anywhere

    We believe in the benefits of working remotely and offer all our employees the possibility of working remotely. Think and work exactly where you're personally most productive

  • Benefit icon

    New Year's week off

    We make it easier on everyone by giving all the New Year's week off. Higher efficiency before and after the holidays and happy people - the perfect combination

Start-up environment

  • Benefit icon

    Lively office

    Our office is open and welcoming to all our employees for Team Days or other days when you don't feel like working remotely. Foosball, ping pong, a game room with PlayStation and board games - you name it! We enjoy team gatherings and meetups at the office

  • Benefit icon

    Opportunity to become an investor

    By joining our team, you're also given the opportunity to become a TWINO Investment platform's investor. We reward each employee with a sign-up investment bonus on the platform. And you're on your way on the investor experience journey

  • Benefit icon

    Heavy social agenda

    We have our yearly summer team-building event, we head to the slopes in the winter and have a grand Christmas party! We're keeping things interesting through social events, traditions and celebrations. There's always something going on

  • Benefit icon

    No bureaucracy or hierarchy

    We are tech savvy. We limit paperwork & all that comes with it. We try to avoid bureaucracy as much as possible. Not only do you get a chance to as well, but we expect you to come up with new ideas, find new solutions and set the trends, not follow them

  • Benefit icon

    The FinTech Industry

    Work in one of the hottest industries in a cutting edge company with the goal of changing the future. We are proud to be a part of the buzzing startup & fintech community

  • Benefit icon

    Ambitious and talented people

    We work with top talent in the market, creative people with initiative and ambition. Great sense of humor, joy of life, never ending energy and always floating around

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