More than 400 people across 6 locations with more than 15 nationalities. We are young, we are diverse and we love our work.



We are 32 years old on average. Our people are ambitious, friendly and fun individuals


10 languages are spoken in our offices, but we stick to English to keep things simple.


Russia houses two offices, of which one is the biggest office followed by Latvia and Poland.


We love basketball, but most of all we enjoy the great outdoors. Boots, hiking, biking you name it.


Parties, events, trainings, workshops - we love to work as much we love to play.


For our team no challenge is bold enough - we challenge ourselves and industry every day!

Group Management


Armands Broks

Founder & Group CEO


As the Chief Executive Officer of TWINO Armands is responsible for leading the development of the company's long-term strategy with the aim of creating shareholder value. He creates vision and ambition for the company and leads and challenges TWINO team on its way to reaching his created mission.

Armands gains new entrepreneurship expertise every time TWINO enters a new market or launches a new product, and that gives him the understanding of the global business thinking, values and opportunities.

Armands holds an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and he has been a private business owner for over 8 years.

"Challenging myself to step out of comfort zone is my inspiration."


Anastasija Oļeiņika



As TWINO Group Chief Financial Officer Anastasija leads Group financial planning and analyses as well as supervises all Group Finance, Risk Management & Data Science teams. She also is responsible for oversee Country Management to ensure aligned and effective approach in all TWINO Group.

Prior TWINO Anastasija worked in Corporate Finance and as a team lead in Financial Planning and Analysis in a fintech. She gained valuable experience coordinating annual Group budgeting and monthly forecasting process for 16 countries, and more than 30 products. Anastasija holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

 "At TWINO we ask what we can bring to future, not what the future can bring to us. We are action-oriented, speed matters in our industry, it matters in our company."


Roberts Lasovskis

P2P Investment Platform Lead


Roberts is responsible for leading the growth, strategic development and innovation pipeline of TWINO P2P investment platform.

Prior becoming the platform lead, Roberts worked in TWINO as Investor Adviser, closely communicating with our investors and working on strategic development.

Roberts holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance from BA School of Business and Finance and has worked in the online bank Dukascopy and Marsh&McLennan Companies. His previous experience has resulted in strong analytical and communication skills that Roberts now applies to lead TWINO investment platform.

"All the great things ever made were just some small ideas at the beginning. Be creative, be brave and make your goals happen."


Laura Krastiņa

People & Communications Lead


To ensure people agenda is one of the top priorities as well as internal and external communication goes hand in hand, People (HR) and Communication functions are merged in TWINO Group and lead by Laura. 

Laura previously was board member and Communication director in Carlsberg Group companies in Latvia and Estonia. She has seven-year-long career as a journalist, covering the economy, as well as served as the Managing Director for a food industry lobbying organization.

Now at TWINO Laura uses her diverse and strong experience to lead Group external and internal communications as well drive Group people agenda in forward-looking manner. All while setting TWINO as an example as outstanding and innovative employer and brand.

"Constant change and striving for better results are what motivate me and TWINO provides this motivation. FinTech is the future. Question is whether you want to be part of it."


Inga Pinka

Customer Experience Lead


Customer Experience (CX) is highly important at TWINO as we strive to put customer first. Inga is responsible for development and execution of Customer Service and Debt Collection strategy in all TWINO countries to ensure outstanding customer care and experience as well as efficient and lean processes.

Inga has vast experience in banking having worked at two major banks. Over the 12 years in banking Inga has gathered knowledge and deep understanding in Mortgage Lending, Branch Management as well as AML and Froud Control. She also holds a master’s degree in Customs and Tax Administration from Riga Technical University.

“We work in a dynamic environment, so we adapt to a change around us in order to improve. We allow the pace of the work to emerge until the best result is achieved.”


Roberts Bite

Marketing Lead


As Group Marketing Lead Roberts drives the development and implementation of innovative digital marketing, UX and CRM strategies across the whole TWINO Group.

Prior TWINO Roberts has gained knowledge both as an in-house expert and manager in international fintech company as well as an agency side asset. Has 10 years of experience in marketing, eCommerce and journalism including overseeing marketing activities in 9 countries and managing market launch strategies in 5.

Roberts holds a master’s degree in Strategic and Public Relations Management and bachelor’s in Communications and Media from Riga Stradins University.

“I admire and find inspiration in people who challenge limits. I’m not a fan of staying in the comfort zone and I push our team to prove to the world that any existing and widely accepted limits can be challenged and pushed further.”


Nauris Bloks

IT Lead


IT development in TWINO Group is led by Nauris, who ensures innovative and progressive approach in all areas.

Nauris has experience in various IT areas - governance, support and security management, project management, development, yet his background includes not only IT areas, but also legal and administration areas which have created very good mindset on how things work and should work and what will not work. Nauris holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Latvia. 

"We offer a lot of freedom and this freedom comes with responsibility. Our people are ambitious, driven to excel, to be the first ones, to be the best."


Inese Lazdovska



Inese is Attorney at Law at Latvian Bar Association and since December 2016 Inese services TWINO as our Group Legal Lead - advises the group management team on business development and coordinates legal work as external partner.

Country Management


Svetlana Gaidukova



Key focus prior to joining TWINO was on new business lines launch within existing business of Oriflame, agency working with Olympic sponsors for Sochi 2014, Hubert Burda Media Russia. A major part of those projects was marketing strategy and activation programs development and execution aimed at increasing sales / generating additional money flows for the company.

Svetlana graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga with the B.Sc. degree in Economics and Business Administration and worked in Moscow prior to joining TWINO team in Poland.

"Inspiration comes from taking all chances life gives you. Be brave, you only live once."


Sanita Zitmane



Sanita has strong experience in both banking and insurance. Prior TWINO she was driving the development of consumer lending products in one of the biggest banks in Latvia for 3 years. Sanita also has over 10 years of experience in Insurance where she also was product owner.

At TWINO we strive for people with diverse backgrounds and are proud to have Sanita among our team with her bachelor’s degree in Classical Philology from University of Latvia.

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know, this is your chance to find new solutions and do things differently.”


Bachana Rapava



Bachana has graduated Georgian Technical University. He holds a Master degree in Banking.

Prior to joining TWINO Bachana has professional experience in project management. 8-year experience in Georgian Banking sector focused on consumer & mortgage lending and debt collection fields.
Before taking a role of Country Manager, Bachana was head of debt collection and customer care departments in TWINO Georgia since 2014.

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."


Michal Paplinski



Michal graduated from Warsaw University, Faculty of Economic Sciences, specialization in Finance and Accounting.

His main focus and professional experience was financial sector. Holding Manager position in EY in Financial Audit Department, he was responsible for audit of financial institutions including banks, insurance and funds.

Prior to taking a role of Country Manager, Michal was Chief Financial Officer in TWINO Poland.

“ You are never at work when you love what you do for living.”

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