Hybrid work

Work from anywhere

At TWINO, we are supporting a more balanced work setup by working in a hybrid work environment combining work office with #workfromanywhere

Why hybrid?

Employee satisfaction

It offers more flexibility and work-life balance to the team that has a significant positive impact on employee satisfaction

Increased productivity

Employees can work from where they’re most productive, avoid commuting at busy times, and fully focus on tasks without traditional office interruptions

More accessible employment

Hybrid work improves access to talent by making the potential employee base much wider and global

Our office

TWINO headquarters office is located in Riga at the Milla Design Quarter in Dzirnavu Street. It has been created as a communication platform between various audiences – company employees, the startup ecosystem, representatives of the financial technology field, and other involved parties.

Great emphasis is being placed on transformation in the office – in both the spaces, as well as the furniture. For example, space is being used as a working environment during the day but can be transformed into an improvised studio or lounge space in the evening.

A workplace focused on the person was the main motif in working on the creation of our office. The creation of a feeling of belonging, teamwork, involvement, empathy, and respectful relationships are at the core of the office’s interior design. We believe that even in today’s digital age, offices are important to companies for providing a separate identity, maintaining a positive work culture, and promoting social interaction.